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Home Based Services

Home Based Support Services Program Service Facilitation

The Arc provides Self-Directed Assistance to individuals who have been awarded the Home Based Support Services Program by the State of Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities through the Medicaid Waiver Program.

Who is HBS for?

  • Individuals enrolled in the Home Based Medicaid Waiver Program
  • Individuals wanting to live in the community rather than a residential facility.

What does HBS do?

  • Allows individuals to purchase necessary services and supports to live in the community.

What can HBS money be used for?

How is one eligible for HBS?

  • Individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • Illinois resident
  • Aged 18+ (under special circumstances and crisis situations, children aged 3-18 enrolled in Illinois Medicaid can be eligible for HBS)
  • Not receiving services under another Medicaid waiver program


Register for the PUNS waiting list by contacting an ISC agency:

Northern Illinois: Service, Inc. 815-339-0740

Developmental Disabilities Helpline: 1-888-DD-PLANS

Consumer Handbook for Home-Based Services

Department of Human Services

Self-Directed Assistant Staff